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                Water jet loom
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                This machine adopts main and assistant nozzles, and reliable 4 shafts linkage at both sides,6 shafts linkage,positive cam shedding,by which the types of the fabric is increased,  as well as electronic letting-off, electronic picking, electronic taking-up( selective), frequency conve rsion slow-speed inching system with the ability of seeking waft automatically and easy-operation.

                The series of Air Jet Loom is applied for weaving Various raw cloth, middle Jeans and others as it can solve the common problems efficiently due to its advanced structure, such as stop mark,mechanical mark,and lack of weft or tricot.

                 Control system  

                Possess the function of frequency conversion slow-speed mechanic and auto-seeking weft.Besides,two parking locations are supplied to draw the broken weft conveniently, mean while the slow Weft picking function is applied for testing the state of Weft picking Electronic feeder,electronic weft picking and manual Interface are all controlled by CPU of 32 bits, and with the features of powerful-function and high performance.

                Shedding system

                Adopt positive cam shedding and Dobby device(selective). It is applied for weaving the fabric of plain cloth, diagonal cloth and satin cloth. The accessories of cam  box are lubricated by oil and indefectible. As well as adopt double back rail and positive device,which can tansmit the tension to control boardby tension sensor, and keep its uniformity by CPU all the time.

                Let-off system

                Adopt sero let-off. By tension sensor, it can test the signal of warp intension precisely, in succession driving  AC motor by controller to control the amount of let-off. Besides the controller will compente the change of the warp.Beam Dia.it owns the characteristic of high-precision, invariable waft intension.




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